Nozzle Selection

Since nozzles are designed to work under various spray conditions, one or more nozzles may be suitable for your needs. The following is a detailed description of the main types of spray to help you choose the correct nozzle. If you can't find a suitable nozzle, please consult our designer. Our designer will provide you with more accurate and professional nozzle flow parameters and coverage area data. We can also customize products according to your drawings or requirements. We look forward to your consultation.

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Atomizing nozzle

Silicon carbide desulfurization atomization nozzle is a key component of thermal power generation, which is used in boiler flue gas desulfurization and dust removal device. The silicon carbide nozzles produced by our company have been applied to the desulfurization and dust removal devices of thermal power plants and boiler flue gas in batches. If you buy our products, you can discuss the installation and distribution of nozzles with our engineers.


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